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Staking: 4.5% Total profit
Locked up for 30 Days
Plan: %116 total earning
for 80 days package.
Daily %1.45
Run Date:
342 day
Run Date:
342 day

Bounty Program


  • *Must have minimum 300 subscribers on your Youtube channel.
  • *Must have a resigtered account for SHD Group Company:
  • *Must join to our telegram channel:
  • *Your Youtube channel and your Youtube videos have to be visible by everyone.
  • Tasks

  • *Need to make a "POSITIVE" video review about SHD Trading.
  • *In the video review, these indicated hashtags have to be written: #ETH #BTC #MINE #DOGE #TRON #LTC #CRYPTO #PASSIVEINCOME
  • *Mininum video review has to be 3 minutes.
  • *Video review has to be original and real.
  • *On the explanation part of the video, there has to be TRX address and bot ref link.
  • *By this form, you can only submit 1 video review per day.
  • Restrictions

  • *Only 1 video review per day.
  • *Only 1 account per 1 person.

  • *Depending on the quality of the video review, the lucky reviews will be rewarded by 2 - 50 USD (AS TRON)
  • *Rejected entries will not be eligible for the reward.
  • Contacts for submitting the video reviews

  • Telegram (
  • SHD Group Company
  • đź‘‘RUN DATE : 17.02.20
  • đź“ŠInvestment:
  • You can send your video links at