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Plan: %120 total earning
for 80 days package.
Daily %1.50
Run Date:
254 day
Run Date:
254 day

About Us

We are proud to share the point that our investment system established on 17.02.2020 has reached today with our valuable investors.

Till the day we were founded, we keep being "trust symbol" in our investors eyes with always evolving and refreshing and we are one of important companies about cryptocurrency.

SHD Group to the invidual and corporate investors, besides the mediation of purchasing and selling, offers an investment service.

When we first established on February 17, we had option to invest with Dogecoin, and we were making a profit by using pump option for tokens with a volume of 5-10 ETH. We set out on path by always putting forward new goals and accomplished many of our goals with you.

And now we have Btc, Eth, Ltc and Trx investment options and we are making profit by using pump option for tokens with a volume 10-20 BTC.

We have hundreds of investors from many countries of the world. As we said at the time of our establishment, the reason we used the telegram and not the site is that it has proven itself in terms of security. As you have seen today, many sites are hacked. Therefore, we will continue to present our investment system to you via telegram from now on.

We have a new goal. We will producing tokens and we started our first work for this. As we have successfully fulfilled our other goals, you can be sure that we will fulfill our goals successfully.

We would like to out that after producing the token, we will always be in a working position for the token to gain value and grow, and after each goal we fulfill, we will walk steadily on this path by putting another new goal ahead of us.

Thank you for always supporting us.

Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.

Warren Buffet

SHD Group Management team ...

Why SHD Group Investment?

We aim to repay at the highest level our investors expectation with customer-oriented service concept

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We are supporting your needs about cryptocurrency with our close support 7/24.

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